Six Reasons To Kill

Six Reasons To Kill:

SIX REASONS TO KILL heben sich dadurch von der Masse ab, dass sie konsequent und unnachgiebig mit ihrem eigenen Schaffen umgehen ohne dabei Ihr Ziel aus den Augen zu verlieren, aggresiven Metal mit starken Hardcore Einflüssen zu spielen.

SIX REASONS TO KILL have the distinction of being insistent and consequent in what they‘re doing – without loosing sight of their target to play modern and aggressive metal with a strong hardcore influences. Founded in 1999 when the hybrid of metal and hardcore was a strictly underground phenomenon SIX REASONS TO KILL constantly evolved their sound over the years. The debut death metal-hardcore-bastard “Kiss The Demon” (Alveran Records 2000) and two split-releases (with ABSIDIA 2001 and DEADLOCK 2003) are significant for their early period of groove-based death metal. Their development towards a more elaborated sound is evident on the following albums “Reborn” (Bastardized Recordings / Tribunal Records 2005) and “Another Horizon” (Bastardized Recordings / Tribunal Records 2008). SIX REASONS TO KILL promoted both albums with countless live shows. The band toured Europe in a double headliner trip together with Great Britain’s Burning Skies in support of their “Reborn” album. In 2009 SIX REASONS TO KILL supported Denmark’s Hatesphere on their “To The Nines” Tour. The musical progression culminates in “Architects Of Perfection” (Massacre Records 2011). This album once again closes the gap between modern and extreme death metal, the band’s very own hardcore influence, some laid-back atmospheric sounds and a heavy flirt with electronica. Long-time friend and collaborator Kristian ‚Kohle‘ Bonifer (Crematory, Agathodaimon, Sieges Even) once again handled mixing duties and designed another heavy hitting masterpiece in his Kohlekeller Studios. “Architects Of Perfection” was promoted live on several summer festivals like Mair1 or Traffic Jam-Festival and on a three week full European tour with Samael and Melechesh in September and October 2011. Besides that SIX REASONS TO KILL signed an exclusive booking deal with MAD Tourbooking in 2011.