Leaves Eyes

Leaves Eyes:


In 2013 an exceptionally talented band will release “Symphonies of the Night” and once again reclaim the coveted spotlight that will place them at the pinnacle of the symphonic- rock and metal genre. With “Symphonies of the Night”, multiple chart-breaker Leaves’ Eyes begins a new chapter of music history, telling enchanting stories of historical heroines.

Lost in Love and Music

As made evident by the debut album “Lovelorn” (2004), Leaves’ Eyes came into being during a walk in the woods. From the very beginning, Thorsten Bauer established a remarkable guitar sound that has been a band trademark ever since. However, it is Liv Kristine’s unique voice that serves as the linchpin in Leaves’ Eyes. With this concept album, filled with mermaids, love and tragedy, the band not only enthralls the ears, but in particular the imagination of the listener. The spectacular and rapid success of Leaves’ Eyes does not happen without a reason. Every band member had already been gathering professional experience in other musical endeavors for years before joining Leaves’ Eyes. In the mid-90s Liv Kristine’s voice was like a beacon in the gothic scene, while being the female voice of Theatre of Tragedy. In Leaves’ Eyes, Liv is partially supported by the band members of Atrocity. The metal heavyweights earned top honors for being the “most diverse metal band”. Liv calls the members of Atrocity “the best musicians and friends in the world”, having the perfect partners at her side.

Viking Conquerors

One year after “Lovelorn”, Leaves’ Eyes make waves with the follow up “Vinland Saga” (2005) and easily break the German album charts. The music on “Vinland Saga” invokes the mighty forces of nature and the fighting Vikings in the mind of the listener. Leaves’ Eyes is not just a studio band, despite numerous chart entries. Within their career, the band travels through five continents, over 40 countries and plays hundreds of concerts.

The DVD “We Came With the Northern Winds / En Saga I Belgia” (2009) documents the exceptional history of the band. In addition, the DVD features the legendary concert at the Metal Female Voices Festival 2007 with their legendary Viking longship on stage. “Njord” (2009) continues the triumphs of the band and lyrically brings the listener aboard the Vikings’ journeys across the world. “Njord” is praised by fans and critics to be an epic masterpiece, moreover, this album made it to the top 30 of the German charts. Leaves’ Eyes perfects the union of classical and metal with the help of the Lingua Mortis orchestra directed by Victor Smolski.

The Sound of Black Waters

With “Meredead” (2011) Leaves’ Eyes releases a more than just diverse album, on which folk instrumentation, mysticism of past cultures, thrilling heaviness and classical orchestration unite into a captivating symbiosis. Leaves’ Eyes, along with a choir and an army of guest musicians, delivers top-notch entertainment. Maite Itoiz and John Kelly (Elfenthal), Carmen Elise Espenæs (Midnattsol), the Norwegian Anette Guldbrandsen, and the brilliant Lingua Mortis Orchestra serve to enrich this masterpiece furthermore. Refusing to be categorized, Leaves’ Eyes dictates its own direction, and with “Meredead” ultimately achieves symphonic metal perfection.

Heroines relive

With a top-notch production by Alexander Krull, Leaves’ Eyes have come close to achieving perfection by combining all their best qualities into “Symphonies Of The Night” in 2013. Here, the epic feel of “Vinland Saga”, the direct approach of “Njord” and the unique folk touch of “Meredead” come together on to create this masterpiece. Yet, Leaves’ Eyes has always offered more than just a musical broadening of the horizon. Again, using a diversity of languages Liv Kristine narrates the stories of fascinating women in history and mythology – bringing them to life again. Be it Shakespeare’s classical drama of “Hamlet” (“Ophelia”) or the legend of Cecilia of Rome (“Saint Cecilia”) – all the songs tell of lion- hearted women battling ancient tragedies. Whether a gentle ballad (“Nightshade”) or an opulent opus (“Hell to the Heavens”, “Hymn to the Lone Sands”), the tracks are direct and to the point. With the band’s strength and courage, as well as an unorthodox variety, Leaves’ Eyes has unequivocally reinvented itself and is back at its best.



Liv Kristine – Vocals

Thorsten Bauer – Guitar, Bass

Sander van der Meer – Guitar

Alexander Krull – Vocals

Joris Nijenhuis – Drums