Far ’n‘ Hate

Far ’n‘ Hate:


Defining themselves simply as “modern metal” Far’n’Hate was conceived in a small village in the Spanish “Costa Brava” in 2007.

In 2008 they self-produced their first EP, opening many doors and giving them the chances to play shows and festivals all over Spain.

In september of 2011 they released their debut full-length album titled “From Death comes Life”.

In march of 2013 they released their last album. A 6 track EP called „Steadfast“, this is, without a doubt, their best work.

At this moment they are finishing writing their fourth album that is set to release next summer.

They have toured a lot of times their home country and Europe, also toured for the first time USA on august/september 2013, and have shared stage with bands like: Texas in July (USA), Textures (HOL), Behemoth (POL), More Than a Thousend (POR) x4, Therion (SWE), Hypocrisy (SWE), Ensiferum (FIN), Rhapsody (It), Adept (SWE), Fleshgod Apocalypse (IT), Alcest (FR), Amaranthe (SWE), Belphegor (AT), Haggard (GER), Sirenia (NOR), Decapitated (POL), Alestorm (SCO), Death by Stereo (USA), L’Esprit du Clan (FR), Septicflesh (GRE), Dreamshade (CH), Auburn (USA), Havok (USA), Tides of Virtue (UK), Skyforger (LAT), Ktulu (SP), Chalice (GER), The Dying (BEL), Pink cream 69 (GER), Palisades (USA), Gift of Ghost (USA), etc…and many of the best bands from the national and internationalunderground scene.
They have been part of amaizing festivals like: Gothoom Open Air 2012 & 2014 (Slovakia), BN Fest (Spain), Brain to Crush Fest (Spain), Siege of Limerick (Ireland), Takedown Fest (Portugal), Made of Metal, Agressive Music Fest, Borkovany Woodstock, Winter Agressive Fest and VanDaal Fest (Czech Republic), Cleveland Music Fest (USA), Stay Sick Fest (Belgium)


To date they’ve played more than 250 shows, giving everything they have on every stage they’re given the opportunity to perform on.