The German band Atrocity, formed in 1985 by Alexander Krull, Mathias Röderer, Frank Knodel, Rene‘ Tometschek and Gernot Winkler under the name „Instigator“, is one of the first extreme metal acts out of the European Underground scene and Germany’s first Death Metal band. After releasing the demo, “Instigators” (1988), and the “Blue Blood” EP (1989) on Nuclear Blast—to this day still a worthy collector’s item—Atrocity presented the world their debut, “Hallucinations” in 1990 (Nuclear Blast, Roadrunner Records USA). „Hallucinations“, a pioneer work of technical Death Metal, was produced by Scott Burns at Morrisound Recording in Tampa] Florida] The album was recorded and mixed in between a 8 day break of the „Symphonies of Blue Blood“ European tour with Carcass. The album artwork was done by H. R. Giger. Around that time the band organized one of the first European Extreme Metal festivals called „Support the Underground“ Pt. I (1989 a.o. Pestilence, Atrocity) and Pt. II (a.o. Carcass, Atrocity, Entombed, Pungent Stench, Disharmonic Orchestra). Following extensive and successful touring with bands lik