Born From Pain @ Sunstorm

Gerade gedacht, dass es das langsam war mit den überraschenden Bandankündigungen für das Sunstorm Open Air und schon wird man eines Besseren belehrt. Mit Born From Pain haben wir uns ein Dauerfeuer an Live-Energie gesichert. „Auf keinen Fall verpassen“ lautet unser Ratschlag.

In the year 2012 the world is more than ever in a state of disarray and chaos. The powers that be do not seem to care about the people they claim responsibility for or feed their wealth. Nature is raped. People are mislead. Constantly pounding into us with a sense of uncontrollable greed. Crisis after crisis, year after year, day after day… Chaos unleashed on humanity to create new order and give a false sense of security in a world that is slowly turned into a prison. Semi-fascist laws are passed under the veil of terrorism and world peace to legally control what needs to be controlled: the power of the people. This world is turning into a battleground…in many ways. People are pushed to survival in world that is structurally getting more grim and vicious. Where will this end? BORN FROM PAIN calls for a waking up out of the slumber. A waking up to what is happening in this world right now. The powers that be are closing in on us, the people. With “The New Future” BORN FROM PAIN is making a statement to fight, force and unite against what tries to kill us. Solidarity is more important than ever. There are ways to make this the world we need for us the people, we just need to get past the grip of fear and intimidation.