Melodic Death Metal

Circus of Fools

„10 years of Sunstorm AND 10 years of CIRCUS OF FOOLS, that’s what we’re celebrating!
Whether it’s a metal festival or a gothic show, Circus of Fools often leave open mouths, circling heads, moshing masses and… a polonaise? This band is many things, but run of the mill is not one of them. A bombastic show, elaborate costumes, a charismatic front-man, a female singer with an extremely versatile voice and congenial musicians provide an inherently consistent picture between moral and madness. These anarchistic clowns are the filthy reflection of our society and an incredibly energetic band. The songs are pompous and catchy, tell stories about the victims of our time, raise the finger against intolerance, throw-away mentality and oppression.
Their next album „A Broadcast from GEN .0“, an anthology of stories about the end of our society, will be out November of this year and the Sunstorm show will be the release show for their new single „Distanced“!
During two years of COVID and without any concerts, the band polished those stories with the help of producer Christoph Wieczorek (annisokay) and with their new singer Tammy Keinath to be real heavy-hitters, pure bombast.
The band has never shied away from other influences, so the dark and modern, symphonic metal(core) bombast ist spiced up by trap beats, industrial grooves, gothic attitudes and even rap and folk. MODERN METAL MADNESS, as it should be with clowns!
The band has played over 120 shows, released two full length albums (with the third on its way), four EPs and are on to embark on their biggest journey jet. Stasis is a word they simply do not know. Revel in this ferocious lunacy, be a part of the madness… until the lights go dark!“